NUCLEIC ACID Electrophoresis Buffer - Pre-packaged Powder - Convenience

TAE (Tris-acetate-EDTA) is ideal for separation of large DNA fragments in agarose gels and is used as running buffer as well in gel preparation. The Final concentration of a 1 pouch is a working solution of 40mM Tris, 20mM acetic acid, 1mM EDTA in a 1L solution.

QuickSILVER™ Powdered Buffer Packs are premeasured and no pH adjustment necessary, just empty the pouch into DI water and stir. These buffers are tested to be free of DNase, RNase and protease activity.

The tubular shapeed pouches come in a easy access dispenser box and each pouch has a tear off end. Supplied with preprinted ID bottle labels. 

EB1000 QuickSilver TAE Buffer, 100 pouches. Accuris Brand. 


TAE Buffer Pouch, Pre-packaged Powder. 100 Foil Pouches

  • Brand: Accuris
  • Product Code: LB10-EB1000
  • $165.00

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