Cap Type: 9-425mm screw thread
Cap Material: Polypropylene
Cap Style: Knurled, open top
Cap Color: Light Blue
Septa Slit: Yes
Septa Material: Ultra-pure Silicone Rubber / PTFE liner
Fitted vs Bonded: Fitted
Quantity: 1,000


Ultra-Pure Septa-No Color Added Silicone Rubber-Good choice for LCMS & LCMS/MS.

The AQR™ Screw Caps are knurled on the sides for excellent gripping and comfort when applying to the vial. The pre-slit, fitted ultra pure silicone rubber & PTFE septa used is a good choice for HPLC, LCMS & LCMS/MS. The Silicone rubber is not colored. Ultra-high purity for vitrually no contamination. 

Caps: Screw, Autosampler, 9mm Thread, w/pre-slit Fitted Septa, Blue, AQR™ Brand. 1,000/CS

  • $258.91

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