Outstanding User Comfort - Superior Accuracy - Adjustable Volume & Locking Wheel 

Digital Display - Free Calibration Tool w/each Propette

ProPette LE™ 20µl to 200µl single channel pipette includes a continuously adjustable micrometer volume selection with non-mandatory "Roto-Lock™ (positioned at the top of handle). The finely polished stainless steel piston and chemically resistant maintenance-free seals provide unsurpassed accuracy which is required today.

The air jacketed handle protects the micrometer mechanism from the inaccuracies than can be caused by thermal expansion providing continued precision from user to user, day to day even after prolonged use.

The required user actuation forces are very low and a nearly 20% reduction in overall weight makes this a very popular pipette. Superior, ergonomically shaped tip ejector makes this pipette comfortable to use by minimizing pressure on the user's thumb.

Adjustable, with Roto-Lock™ Volume range is 20µl to 200µl.

A free calibration tool is available with each ProPette LE™

Pipette, 20µl to 200µl range, ProPette LE™ Brand, 1 EA

  • $237.81

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