Swivel Caps need to be cleaned by hand using a non abrasive, neutral pH, mild detergent that does not contain a sheeting agent.

  1. Remove o-ring from cap.
  2. Inspect gasket for signs of wear.
  3. Spray and wipe the o-ring with 70% IPA (isopropyl alcohol).
  4. Rinse with Dionized Water.
  5. Replace o-ring in cap.
  6. Autoclave to sanitize.

SafeWASTE & Swivel Cap Autoclaving Tips:

  1. Recommended cycle for autoclaving is 121ºC and 15psi for 20 minutes.
  2. Remove cap from carboy or container prior to autoclaving.

If the containers are not vented properly during the autoclaving and cooling process, a partial vacuum could form causing the bottle to collapse. The cap should remain disengaged until the carboy reaches room temperature.

Swivel Caps may appear cloudy after autoclaving due to adsorption of water. Cloudiness will dissipate as the plastic dries, but can be accelerated using a dyring oven.


Safety Warnings:

Do Not store strong oxidizing agents in carboys.

Do Not place any plastic labware in a flame.

Do Not mix any chemicals that may result in a thermic reaction that can cause product failure.

Consult local fire codes prior to storage of flammable liquids in carboys.

UN/DOT Container: 13.5 Liter HDPE
Swivel Cap Thread Size: 70mm
Ports: ¼-28 threads
Height: 11"
Length: 11.3"
Width: 9.3"
Volume: 13.5L
SafeVENT™ Length: 7”
SafeVENT™ Thread: ¼”
UN Rating: 3H1/Y1.8/100


Limited Quantities Available. Discontinued when sold. 

Solvent and Vapor Containment System for HPLC. Includes one polypropylene “Swivel Cap Kit” (70mm screw cap with turning wings for tightening, independent center tubing holder and solvent resistant gasket), one SafeVENT™ filter with one 90° elbow fitting, 6 each male nut fittings & ferrules for 1/8th tubing (blue, not shown above), 6 each male nuts & ferrules for 1/16th tubing (green) & 6 solid male nut fittings and a 13.5 Liter UN/DOT polyethylene container with one 70mm, solid, polypropylene screw cap for safe transportation and disposal of the solvent in the container.

Swivel Cap with 70mm screw threads is for use with most UN/DOT SafeWASTE™ HPLC Solvent management systems. Caps can be applied or removed from container without turning the tubing holder making it very convenient to change full carboys without re-plumbing cap or twisting waste tubing during removal. With ease of use, compliance by lab personnel is increased.

The caps' center tubing holder has 6,  ¼-28 screw thread ports that accommodate the supplied low pressure male nuts to securely hold waste tubing from the HPLC instrument producing a closed system that will prevent exposure to harmful organic vapors. Solid plug fittings are used on the holder when some of the ports are not in use. This closed system, prevents spill incidents from HPLC solvent waste by elminating a need to decant from the container to a larger vessel by simply delivering this container with the closed cap to your hazardous waste disposal company.

The included SafeVENT™ is a carbon filter that traps (VOC) organic vapors and safely vents the closed system preventing pressure build up and keeps vented air clean and safe for employees. Replacement SafeVENT filters are available.

A Use Indicator for the SafeVENT™ that indicates when replacement is needed is available and sold separately.

     *Other tube holders that fit this cap for larger size tubing are sold separately.

13.5 Liter UN/DOT SafeWASTE™ System - Limited Quantities Available

  • Product Pdf:
  • $220.13

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