Clean Cut90 Tubing Cutter, for PEEK Tubing, with Storage Case & 1 Replacement Blade. MicroSolv Brand. 1 EA. 

This is one of our most Popular Tubing Cutters since it is easy to operate properly and produces a very good, 90⁰ cut. When cut properly, the PEEK tubing can be used in critical HPLC applications.

The Clean-Cut90™ can cut 5 different tubing OD's (1/4", 0.15", 1/8", 0.105" and 1/16") and while mainly used for PEEK tubing, other polymeric tubing such as PTFE can be cut as well. The cutting blade has a "cutting side" and a "flat side". It is important to cut the tubing with the flat side facing the tubing you will use. Click HERE for cutting instructions.

A plastic storage case and 1 replacement blade is included.

Clean Cut90 Tubing Cutter, 1 EA.

  • $37.23

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